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>> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news.
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one protester calls it open warfare, hundreds are dead, egypt is in chaos, and the pressure on the united states to step in is growing. good evening, a curfew is in effect in cairo right now, so is a state of emergency. nearly 300 people have died, and 2,000 have been injured in today's long assault that has gone all day. assault, rather, police launched strikes to end the protests against the new military government. egypt is america's critical ally in the middle east and senator kerry is calling for calm. >> the united states condemns the violence in egypt. >> many feel that the $1.3 billion in aid should be cut. a white house spokesman said they are reviewing the situation
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more closely. more from our reporter from cairo. >> reporter: the assault was vicious. tear gas scattering crowds including women and young children and then came the bull dozers and fires and finally this. heavily armed police opening fire. steady extre y treem -- stead sf people into the hospitals. a sniper takes aim and fires into the crowd. each time the violence appeared under control. it flared up again. ordinary people caught in the cross fire, a young woman showed us the view from her window, chaos and bloodshed, too afraid to speak on camera and we spoke with a father and daughter who raced home from work early, their smokey streets a ghost town. >> it's possible to attack anyone, because the streets are
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empty. so it's still not safe. but it's safe inside the house. >> for us officials it's a nice mare scenario, the key, u.s. allie, over throwing the elected leader and supporters facing off against the hardline military. protesters fought back with rocks and pushed armor's vehicles off the bridge. violence that is now spreading. angry mobs torching 18 churches in retaliation and as night falls an erie silence on the street with a curfew in effect, no one knows what horrors tomorrow will bring. abc news in cairo. >> the final legal challenge of same sex marriage was rejected in today. the u.s. supreme court cleared the way for same sex marriage to resume in california. but opponents argued that the high courts' ruling applied to
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the couples that took their case to the high court. today, that argument was rejected. fall out tonight in silicone valle, after former nsa contractor, edward snowden leaked information. cisco is laying off 4,000 employees. we have details now on how it's causing job cuts. >> ever since the nsa thing they have been quietly banned in a lot of countries and i think they are anticipating a major fall off as a result. >> tech analyst said that kicis is battling the idea that they have codes in their technology that allows spying overseas. >> when there were rumors of china doing the same thing, congress moved to ban much of the chinese imports in companies
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in the u.s., and they blocked chinese sales. now that u.s. has been found to do it, china is saying if you can do it we can to. >> cisco reported higher quarterly profits today, but with future growth projected to be about 2% lower than expected. cisco's stock price dropped 10% in after hours trading. cisco is not saying where the layoffs will occur, the global head count is 75,000. the company has a history of layoffs even as it added 7500 workers. last summer, layoffs inspected 1300. it will free up money to spur growth opportunities. cisco has been doing research and development lately on expanding the internet to vehicles.
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it may have a tougher path to convince overseas partners that it's not a partner in helping u.s. spy agencies. cisco would not comment about the nsa issue and would not indicate how soon the pink slips will be coming out. at cisco headquarters, abc 7 news. >> a mother whose son died in a an fran shooting returned to the murder scene today in her ongoing pursuit of justice. her son was shot and killed at the intersection in 2006, he was a guard on his high school basketball team and an assistant coach in vernal heights park. his mother has been a tireless advocate for him and other murder victims as well. she handed out flyers today to help in the search for her son's killer. >> no mother should have to tolerate this pain f i have to do this -- if i have to do this until the day i die, i will do
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it. >> a reward of up to $250,000 is being offered. in pleasanton teenager is charged with mowing down riders was hauled off to jail. 18-year-old cody hall was arrested for manslaughter wreckless driving, and the charge was upgraded to murder they did so because he boasted about speeding on twitter. a motorcyclist was hit and killed by a truck. it happened while a woman was pedaling along. the truck was turning right when it hit the woman. the truck driver cooperating with police and has not yet been cited for this accident. prosecutors gave closing arguments today in the trial of joseph naso, accused of murdering four women. he said he is not guilty and he is defending himself.
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>> reporter: 79-year-old joseph naso listened as the closing arguments were delivered. he is charged with murdering 4 prostitutes decades ago. prosecutor, rosemary slote, took jurors back to when he was a young man and quoted a diary that he kept since i was 20s, a diary where he described sexually assaulting young women, that he picked up sometimes posing as a professional modelling photographer. the judge stopped the hearing, he was worried that the jurors saw a sign on a truck in the parking lot. it ended with a plea for money. the judge was afraid it may have influenced jurors that saw it that could result in a mistrial.
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most of the morning session focused on on the potentially damaging effects of the sign. >> the man said he was broke and wrote the sign on the windshield hoping to raise money. >> my intent was to get to the public, so i could get help and stay for the trial. >> naso who is defending himself is execed to deliver his arguments friday. abc 7 news. a lot more to get to. a pair of gold rush ghost towns in the path of flames. what is being done to prevent dead wood and last chance from living up to their names. plus. >> that building over my shoulder took about two years to build, next saturday it will take 10 to 12 seconds to fall to the ground. on purpose. with a purpose. that story coming up. >> 90s showing up here in the bay area for the second day in a
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row. i will let you know if the august warmth will continue. >> thanks and the retail battle raising questions about purses
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>> when it comes to hot weather.
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are you ready for the return of summer? or hot spot. you have a 120 minute drive. we have you covered on abc 7 news. >> it's being call today the battle of hearts, minds and handbags. the san francisco board of appeals held a hearing tonight about a new store moving into the mission district. opponents lost a minor procederal vote, the key vote occurs next week. the argument is whether the outlet is a chain store. >> reporter: san francisco's mission district is full of small independent businesses like mission bicycles. >> this area is sort of like the wild life preserve. the city is designated a safe zone for small business. >> reporter: he is talking about the city's formula retail regulation, that make it hard for large chain stores to move in to some neighborhoods by requiring any retailer with more
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than 11 locations in the united states to undergo a special hearing. that did not happen with jack spade, a men's store that wants to move into this space on 16th street. these are sketches the company provided. the luxury retailer said that it has only ten other spots. but opponents say, not true. that jack spade is pulling a fast one. >> we believe they are a off-shoot of kate spade that has 100 stores in the u.s. that qualifies for formula retail in san francisco. >> reporter: they want the spade permit reconsidered and allow the public to weigh in. this owner has seen her rent rise and said allowing the retailer in could force her out. >> i'm not trying go against them, but i would like to be able to maintain what i have here. i have worked so hard for it. >> reporter: the despite calls and e-mails, no comment yet from
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jack spade, we found one supporter. the manager of the beer bar across the street is all for allowing the new business in the hood. >> i'm looking forward to it. i think it will improve the block. can't wait. >> reporter: both sides will present letters of support at tonight's hearing. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> a california law that bans a chine chinese delicacy was heard today. a district court denied an injunction to block the law. but now the ninth district court is going to rule on this matter. so, we will have to find out what that court does regarding shark fin soup. well a fire in the tahoe national forest is not threatening homes but it is threatening part of california history. >> reporter: you could say this area was due for a fire. it has not burned since the forest service began keeping
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records. there's no population to speak of. but there are two historically significant sites that are threatened by the flames. they are the boom and bust gold rush towns. last chance, and deadwood. last chance is in eminent danger. >> cutting the lines is one of the ways we kept the fire from going in there. we also had foam. and at one time we were going to wrap the structures themselves, but the material was too far away to get that to use. >> reporter: it's too dangerous to drive in to show you what last chance looks like. you can see it through the eyes of the paranormal investigator. he went searching for ghosts in this old ghost town. >> this is the basement of a mill and we are definitely underground, we are below this
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thing, towards this area, we have been hearing banging sounds, like someone is banging on a door. i think this place could be haunted. i feel so watched it's not funny. i know something is in the woods watching. >> reporter: of course, we cannot say if there's ghosts in the old ghost towns but the forest service believes that whatever is there is worth saving. >> well, let's talk about the weather forecast. sandy is here. nice and warm. >> weather, dan. it's the typical summer set up with the 90s inland and we have the coastal communities in the 60s today and we will keep the wide range of temperatures going. so, 94 in antioch and it was up to 63 in half moon bay. something for everyone. as we check out live doppler 7 hd right now. we have fog around the coast and a few patches out over the bay. this is what we are going to contend with. as you look at the view from the
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golden gate bridge camera. fog, 63 in oakland, and it's still pretty mild in san jose, 67 in half moon bay. currently 59 where it is foggy. from our camera, it does not get better than this. it's gorgeous right now. visibility looking good. santa rosa mild 69, and mild in napa. warm 72 degrees, concord is in 69 and from our high definition camera, as you look toward the west, you can see the fog layer. it's very shallow. we will keep the fog on the coast. wide range of temperatures for you on the thursday and friday. cooler as we head into the weekend. here is a look at the water vapor imaginary. we have a cool air mass over the pacific right now and a hot air mass over the desert southwest. we will go with a mild to warm forecast for tomorrow and for friday. but temperatures willing trending lower on friday and saturday. here is why this trough here
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will approach, it will deepen the marine layer and the temperatures ta s start to go d. temperatures will be in the upper 80s and tomorrow morning watch out for the fog. dense near the coast. temperatures low 50s to the low 60s out towards antioch where it be clear and by the afternoon, 84 in the south bay and san jose, and up to 90 in morgan hill, 78 in san matteo, and coastal spots here the fog keeping you in the low 60s. a lot like today. daly city, 62, and south san francisco, downtown san francisco, upper 60s and the sunset district, you will see sun, and in the north bay, temperatures from the low 90s to low to 60s here coast side. 87 in santa rosa, and 85 in san ra fell. and east bay, it's upper 70s, inland spots.
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this is where you feel the summer warmth. 89 in concord, and 92 in antioch. accu-weather seven-day forecast, slightly cooler weather on friday, saturday and sunday, upper 80s and low 60s coast. and i would just call it minor ups and downs, dan, so just a mini roller coaster we are taking you on. >> we had a big 30 degree spread. narrow range of temperatures for quite some time now, this is finally back to average. >> all is right with the world. >> thank you very much. silicone valley's man that start tesla is out with another project. this no ordinary rocket. wait until you can see what it can do. can do. a powerful tool that will make [ male announcer ] what is performance?
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>> covering walnut creek, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> here is something you do not see every day, silicone valley inventor elon musk is getting attention for yet another new project. nothing is wrong. even though it does not look like a normal rocket launch. they tested on out a rocket that can fly sideways and moved about 300 feet back and forth in midair and landed back perfectly on the launch pad. watch, there it goes, it looks fake in a way. but it's not.
9:25 pm
they are developing the grass hopper rocket that could be reuseable. earlier this week, musk unveiled his vision of the hyperloop, it could take passengers from san francisco to l.a. in half an hour. like that rocket, what goes up must come down and that is the case for a 13 tore land mark in the east bay. warren hall at cal state east bay could collapse in an earthquake, that is why it's scheduled for an implosion on saturday morning. >> reporter: take a good long last look at warren hall on the cal state east bay campus. >> it's going to be a big empty spot. >> reporter: yes it is. crews were installing the explosives. >> cracker box. >> reporter: cracker box? >> yeah. >> reporter: that any way to comment about a piece of arc
9:26 pm
tu architecture it was the most unstable building in the entire california state university system. a fact that makes the secondary purpose of this implosion ironic. do you want a sensor in your yard? >> hur. >> reporter: when the building topples, the experts say it will be equal to a earthquake. they will place sensors nearby neighborhoods as far as 25 miles away. t professor strayer saw this as a great opportunity to study the fault line. he said he can schedule and monitor the small earthquake. >> they happen all the time and not when you want them to. we know when this event is going to happen and when it's going to
9:27 pm
happen, so we can use that data. >> reporter: not likely, but after saturday's demise of warren hall, we may have a better idea what to expect when it hits. all it took was the demise of a local land mark. >> reporter: not sentimental about it at all? >> no. well, a lot more to bring you, a dna is unique to each individual of course, but even for your pets. a unique project that has been worked on for more than a decade and now the cat is out of the bag. buzz kill after all the research into the big bee die off, the blame may lye with your local
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>> now, from abc 7 news. good evening once again, forensic scientists are using dna from cats and dogs to solve violent crimes. we explain how many cases are being cracked by this unique science. >> reporter: within these vet trailers here at uc davis, ground breaking forensic science is literally going to the cats and dogs. >> interesting, a lot of laboratories you come in and do the same thing every day. but we see everything under the sun. >> reporter: they have created a database of dna of 20,000 cats and dogs and other animals. they are the only accredited lab that investigates cat and dog dna, because of that, they are solving crimes nationally and
9:32 pm
internationally. >> hundreds, hundreds. and a lot of time it's connecting a person with a crime scene or a person to another person through pet dna. >> reporter: one of the most recent cases was from london. the evidence was shipped to the lab and they tied the cat's hair to the suspect's own cat. >> it's nice that what we are doing not only satisfies us, but helps people out in the world, helps put the bad guys in jail. >> wow, you can do that with animals. i get that quite a bit. and have to remind people that your an animal too. >> reporter: terry worked a case for scotland guard detectives. the police found the dog's hair and they were able to use the dog's dna to connect the suspect to the dog and to the crime scene. >> there's not a lot of people that do what we do. it's a specialized field right now and i feel privileged to be a part of it. >> reporter: in davis, abc 7
9:33 pm
news. >> bay area researchers say that garden supply stores are selling bee friendly plants that are anything but. of the 100 crops that provide 90% of the world's food, 71% is pollinated by bees. the pesticide research institute said that gardening outlets could be to blame. the pesticide that is used in the stores plants are deadly to bees and it's banned in europe. in a statement, home depot said we have not reviewed the study, but we appreciate the importance of the bee population and the store will look in the situation. >> hundreds turned out today to celebrate pakistan's independence day in san jose. a lot of pride as the national anthems of the united states and pakistan were sung.
9:34 pm
extreme violence is chasing doctors without borders out of somalia, it's one of the few relief groups to tough out the violence there. the group accuses leaders of condoning or paurting these deadly attacks. doctors without borders said that it's pull-out will cut off hundreds of thousands of civilians from needed aid. israel and palestine are beginning their first formal peace talks in years. the two two sides are saying little of the meeting. the government released these pictures of the negotiators shaking hands. we understand it's being held somewhere in jerusalem. john kerry has visited that region six times since taking office. >> keep in mind both sides have
9:35 pm
low expectations of finding common ground on finding a palestinian state along side israel. in the meantime, israel wants to pay college students to post pro israel messages on message boards. they will receive scholarships to combat anti-semitism and calls to boycott israel. students' messages would parallel statements by government spokesmen. well, you know, more than a billion people use facebook. maybe you. and many consider it a great way to stay in touch and connect with friends, but now a new study suggests that all that connectedness may not be making us as happy as we think. here is dr. timothy johnson. >> you like this? you comment on that. but as fun as facebook may sound. is it really making you happy? perhaps not. according to a new study out of the university of michigan. researchers there found that the
9:36 pm
more time you spend on this social network, the likely you are to feel happy. researcher studied 82 young adults that were active facebook users with mobile phones, for two weeks. the more frequently people used facebook, the worse they felt immediately afterwards. they also reported being less happy with their lives as a whole. so, what might this be? experts chalk some of it up to profile envy. an online version of keeping up with the joness, being on line could take time away from real life socializing. an activity we know is linked to happiness. so, don't delete your account yet, but remember, that your real life connections with important too and when someone else's online profile seems too good to be true, it probably is. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. >> google said users of its
9:37 pm
popular gmail service should not expect their e-mails to be private. the group, consumer watch dog uncovered that revelation and called it a quote, stunning admission. google admitted the lack of privacy in court papers in an attempt to block a lawsuit. the lawsuit accuses of them illegally opening and reading the private e-mail messages. google scans messages to target advertising to gmail users. in the meantime, an announcement to google brings us a step closer to science fiction. the new feature that will let ask your computer a question and get an answer in plain english. >> hello, computer. >> to the characters in star trek, talking to a computer is common place. down here on earth, we still usually type in searches with a keyboard. >> keyboard. how quaint. >> but there are a few trekkys working at google. >> the star trek computer is a motivator for us. and they came up with this. >> what am i doing this weekend?
9:38 pm
>> here is your agenda. first up, the next hotel reservation is in omni chicago hotel. >> it comes from your calendar and gmail account. and the instant response comes from years of research. >> we have had great advances in eural network. >> it is designed to make checking a flight time and checking a package instant. >> when is the dinner reservation? >> you have a reservation at 9:00 p.m. today. >> the research features will role out to most over the few days. some that got the first taste say it's impressed. >> if you can use my data in a way that makes my experience better. i'm all for it. >> and josh said that it's futureivic but functional. >> i think after a while, we will just feel it's natural. >> it's different from apple's
9:39 pm
assistant. >> google does not want that. google is trying to be your assistant and get the things done for you as quickly as possible. as opposed to trying to be your buddy and friend. >> we all know what happens when a computer becomes too human. >> open the pod doors. >> i'm afraid i cannot do that. >> well the future looks like -- still to come, how a piggy bank landed a politician in jail. and an american athlete competes on the world stage and turns the event into an international event into an international incident [ male announcer ] what is performance? 0 to 60? or 60 to 0? [ tires screech ] how a car performs in a quarter-mile? [ engine revs ] or a quarter-century? is performance about the joy of driving?
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federal investigators hope to
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get the so-called black boxes on a u.p.s. cargo plane that crashed into a field on the birmingham air port today, the wreckage was scattered, witnesses saw the plane struggling and saw flames before impact. officials say no distress calls were made to the airport tower. legendary political journalist jack jermond, he was with the gg ganette chain. his wife said he just finished a novel, jack was 85 years old. and former illinois congressman jesse jackson junior is going to prison. a federal judge today sentenced the son of the f-- the famed ci rights leader to jail, jackson admitted that he spent $750,000
9:44 pm
in campaign funds on personal things. including a $43,000 rolex watch. he resigned last november and his wife was also implicated in the scheme. an american runner competing in the world championships in moscow has become one of the first athletes to challenge russia's new anti-gay law. nick simons won the silver medal in last night's 800 meter final. and he dedicated the medal he won to the friends he has in the lgbt community. >> whether you are black or white or gay or straight, everyone deserves to be treated equally. i just can't sit back and be quiet about that. >> russia's law bans what it calls gay propoganda. the united states tennis
9:45 pm
association said a retractable roof will be constructed for the u.s. open. cost has been an issue in the past. designs will be revealed tomorrow. it's such a fabulous tournament and so many years rain does cause a problem. well coming up next. just like us, the new kings of the pool. and why it is up if you're like me, you've been working you've been working like a dog all year. but you don't need to camp out 'til labor day to reward yourself! mattress discounters' labor day sale is on now!
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>> a centuries oy ies notion th
9:49 pm
were afraid of water, is being debunked. look at this. researchers studied a chimp and a orangutan, both learned to swim with a breast stroke. most animals swim using kind of a dog paddling motion. scientists believe it's the result of life in the trees. looks like they enjoyed it. it's pool weather, to be sure with the heat back. sandy is back. >> the pool for the monkeys or humans. temperatures tomorrow will be in the 90s inland. and coastal spots you will stay comfortable. live doppler 7 hd, you can see the fog if you look at the coast. we have fog right near the bay.
9:50 pm
tomorrow afternoon, statewide temperatures will look like this if you are traveling. deserts, triple digits and y83 n tahoe. and los angeles, 85 after the morning fog and speaking of the fog, it's going keep the coast company for the afternoon. 68 in san francisco. up to 87 in santa rosa, low 90s, antioch, liver more and a check of your accu-weather forecast. it's the weekend where you notice upper 80s, inland low 60s coast. taking a break from the low 90s. they will be back to the normal territory. >> back where we belong. >> that's right. >> thank you, very much. where he belongs, larry will be at the ankle or desk tonight. we are looking forward to an interesting moment, friday, it will be brief because it's preseason. >> yeah, i wish it was the regular season game. then the hype would be amazing.
9:51 pm
how does kaepernick feel about facing the man whose job he took? kap's friday night match up with alex and his
9:52 pm
[ man ] it's big. quickly reconnects families. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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>> coming up tonight, a scare for an east bay school as a fire comes alarmingly close to school grounds, we will have the latest on it, and facebook's effort to gain a new audience. how it could change the social media world. we have all the sports and football to talk about and baseball. >> these are pivotal games for the a's. jared versus jared, jarrod parker whose a's are fighting for first place, versed jarrod cozart. it was scoreless into the
9:55 pm
seventh and either he strikes out or hits a home run. and this is the 22nd homer of the year. astros up 1-0, cozart went six scoreless. cespedes scores from first and we are tied at 1. parker allows 1 run in 8-1/3 innings. and a's skipper bob melvin tossed arguing a call at third. texas won tonight, so the a's needed to win the game. giants in d.c., a beautiful sunset over the washington monument. when timmy leaves pitches up, this is what happens. ian desmond, it's a goner. we are tied at one more, bases loaded and a two-run double, nats up 3-1. later in the fourth on. wild pitch.
9:56 pm
giants trail 5-1. lincecum allows 6 runs in six nings.s. and belt singled and torres scored with two downs t giants trail 6-five. and runners at first and he could is, a drive to left center. have no fear, a diving catch to end the game. last year, that would have fallen and giants would have won. instead they lose the third trait, 6-5, washington the final. well, colin kaepernick, the 49ers quarterback is right there. on the cover of the gq magazine, as for his real job, the niners are getting ready for the second preseason game in kansas city, friday night, for kaepernick, it's facing alex smith who helped him prepare to play quarterback.
9:57 pm
>> he did a lot for me. alex helped me pick up the play book and understand what we were trying to get done and how we wanted to do it. i would not be as far along as i am right now without him. personally, he is a great guy. he is a class act. nothing bad to say about him. he has helped me and put the team first. he is a great all around guy. >> the nfl was taking kind of an unusual approach on dealing with human growth hormone, the league is going to give out hgh, published reports say the nfl wants to give dozens on of former players, again, former players, human growth hormone to determine the impact and what levels they should be at. under the plan, 75 former players get hgh and 25 would get a placibo, the levels will be measured before and after the trial. hgh naturally produced by the body, and helps in recovery. hoo err is a reaction from a pair of ex49ers. >> i think it's important that
9:58 pm
there's dialog and a search for information so everyone is educated and moving forward better decisions can be made. i think all of cheating and stuff like that, we need to do away with it. we need to level the playing field, so you have the talent and you are willing to work hard, you go out there and that way, there's no second guessing. >> scared today for the patriots. quarterback tom brady limped off the field, sprained his left knee during a joint practice with tampa bay, that is the same knee he had surgery on five years ago. and one of his own offensive lineman, he fell and landed on his knee and the mri was negative. tom brady listed as day-to-day. this is a busy off-season for the golden state warriors. steph curry was on good morning america today. his teammates were playing in rutger park. putting on show here. nice no look pass from d lee,
9:59 pm
and off the inbounds. a drive. and a help. fans, remember, fans of the knicks used to root for david lee, now they give him a hard time because he is now with the -- it's fun to be a warriors fan. >> absolutely. they are doing a lot of great things. that is this addition of abc 7 news at 9:00, thank you so much for watching. we appreciate your time, abc 7 news now continues online and on twitter. facebook and all your mobile devices with the new abc 7 news app. follow us on twitter. see you at 11:00.
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dee, i think what mac's trying to say is that's it's probably like the greatest movie of all times. rocky iv is not the greatest movie of all time. yes, it is. dee, what do you consider to be a good movie? i don't know, like million dollar baby or... ( men hooting ) that is ridiculous.

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